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Piazza Principe Umberto I, 23 - 80142 Naples (Italy)
Located at 200 metres from the central railway station, at the back of Piazza Garibaldi from where it is possible to arrive in any area of the city thanks to efficiency of the Metropolitana and Circumvesiana, the hotel, because of its favourable position, is certainly the ideal place for families visiting Naples and for men on business trips. The port of Naples and the international airport of Capodichino can be reached in a few minutes with the special shuttles departing from Piazza Garibaldi. Hotel Plaza - Piazza Principe Umberto I, 23 - 80142 Naples (Italy)

How to arrive in this hotel a Naples:
Aereoporti: Napoli Capodichino, 2 km
Autostrade/Statali: A1 uscita Piazza Garibaldi, 500 mFerrovie: FS Napoli Centrale, 200 m

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Best Western Hotel Plaza, Piazza Principe Umberto I, 23 - Naples

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